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The Media Guru Speakes On:
Combining Multiple Media

Media Guru Question:

Hi Guru, i know that the formula for calculating combined reach of two media is (a+b)-((.axb). Please how do we calculate when the media that are used are more than 2? Say they there are three or four media used in a plan, how do we calculate the combined reach for the three or four media? thanks.

Medi Guru Answer:

Each medium is added to the combination in the same way. In other words, the first combination becomes your new "a" and the new medium is a new "b." This can continue for as many media as necessary. Just to be clear, the two media formula should be stated as (a+b)-(axb)

The Media Guru Speakes On:
Upfront Media Purchasing

Media Guru Question:

Hi Guru- when purchasing a network cable package in the upfront where the deal states the impressions are guaranteed on the year long package deal, is it appropriate for the buyer to request quarterly posts to make sure all is staying on target?

Media Guru Answer:

Yes, the buyer may ask for tracking updates, but under these circumstances, not necessarily expect any ADU's (make goods) before the end of the contract. However, suppose the schedule is tracking considerably low. Since upfront deals tend to finish with the lowest rated quarter, a responsible vendor should begin adding weight, before then.

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