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The Media Guru Speaks On:
Calculating local newspaper reach into a nationwide ad program

Media Guru Question:
Thursday, July 16, 2015
Media Guru - can you calculate local newspaper reach into a nationwide advertising program simply by dividing the total newspaper circulation into the total target audience population? Or, is it more appropriate to only measure the reach of a local paper in the local market and then tier the measurement of the entire advertising program so that the local market has the benefit of the nationwide media and then those markets without local newspaper only report the nationally distribute media.

Media Guru Answer:

If you only have one insertion then circulation is equal to HH reach. If you know the single issue demographic audience, then that may be treated as target reach. If you have multiple insertions, then duplication must be considered. Once you have the unduplicted audience of local newspapers then that may be calculated as national reach and combined with national media.

The Media Guru Speakes On:
TRPs to a local DMAs

Media Guru Question:
Tuesday, July 07, 2015
How can I calculate national TRPs to a local DMA i.e. How many TRPs does 468 national TRPs garner in Dallas, TX?

Media Guru Answer:
If media were consumed in the same way everywhere, then a 468 national TRP schedule would get 468 local TRP everywhere. But some content has greater or lesser appeal in various markets, so there is variation that averages to 468 nationally.
Without knowing what medium or vehicle you are talking about, it is not possible to calculate.
Or perhaps you mean how many of the 468 are coming from Dallas in the sense of the national being a sum of DMA's national equivalent TRP. In that case, the DMA's portion of the national population is the primary factor, but the varying local appeal is still an important element.

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