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The Media Guru Speaks On:
High budget marketing campaigns

Media Guru Question:
Thursday, June 23, 2016
What entails a high budget marketing campaign?

Media Guru Answer:

There is no simple answer. It's all about objectives and strategies, regardless of budget

The Media Guru Speakes On:
How to determine actual reach

Media Guru Question:
May 22, 2016
Television Stations have provided Programming Avails, Spot Cost, and the following: Rating, Share and CPP for W 18-34 and Rating, Share and CPP for W 35-49 From this information, how do I best determine the actual Reach - the universe Cost Per Thousand (CPM), or the total number of impressions I'll receive?

Media Guru Answer:
Within each demographic universe:

The rating is a percentage of universe; a 5 rating means 0.05 X the Universe to get impressions. The sum of the costs of the spots divided by the sum of the impressions in thousands gives the CPM.


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