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When to place National TV spots

Media Guru Question:
Monday, December 15, 2014
We have a client who has franchisees in most of the top TV DMA's in the US. Is there a rule of thumb on how many top DMA's a company needs to be in before they should consider buying TV on a National level vs. a local level?

Medi Guru Answer:

The trick is to sum up the DMA's costs per point until they total more than the national cost per point. Depending on the specific markets, dayparts and demographics, this could be 50 markets 75, 100 or more.

The Media Guru Speakes On:
Accurately estimating R&F

Media Guru Question:
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Using average cost per point and a set budget, you can determine an estimated number of GPRs for a flight. Using any combination of those items, can one estimate reach and frequency?

Media Guru Answer:

GRPs is the typical input to a reach and frequency system, but the dispersion among vehicles and dayparts is crucially important.
Even with that, you really need a computer with software such as that offered by Telmar.
The calculation is extremely complex. For example, in print, as input, you need average issue audience, duplication between issues of the same publication and duplication between each possible pair of different publications. These must be combined using a complex formula such as the Beta-binomial function. There are variants of this formula, such as the lambda funtion, which might be preferred, depending on media type and other variables.

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