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Encyclopedia of Media Terms
This is a quick reference of often-used media terms as well as a description of media advertising strengths and a listing of media data sources.

Think Pieces
Think pieces are brief essays by highly experienced advertising and marketing colleagues of the Guru. They explore new angles on and new, clearer ways of expressing approaches to essential advertising and marketing issues. Interpreting research, writing proposals, tracking marketing programs and more.

Parts of a Media Plan
Here the various components that make up a media plan are discussed.

Glossary of Web Terminology
AMIC has put together a list of terms that are frequently used on the web. Also included are the standard set of banner sizes agreed to by CASIE (Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment), and the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Pricing Web Site Advertising: The Media Buyers' View
Leading media consultant Abbott Wool provides a critique of the much-discussed method of calculating pricing for Web sites that was developed by ModemMedia and profiled in Internet World.

Award Papers from Telmar's 30th Anniversary Symposium
Featuring papers from John Philip Jones (Syracuse University), Erwin Ephron (founder of Ephron, Papazian & Ephron) and Erik Du Plessis (president of Impact Ltd.)

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