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Thursday, January 11, 2001 #4092
What does the term radar mean?

The Media Guru Answers(Thursday, January 11, 2001 ):
These acronyms are used over and over, but most likely you want "Radio's All Dimension Audience Research" a syndicated network radio ratings service.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000 #3117
Our client is a business to business, e-commerce marketplace for secondary capital assests. We are researching online advertising opportunities and would like to know where to advertise to hit Fortune 500 procurement officers/asset purchasers and liquidators and mom-and-pop machine tool shop owners. Are there other or better sites than vertical net. How effective is banner advertising on search engines based on a key word search? Where do I find what web sites people in this industry visit? Help!

The Media Guru Answers(Wednesday, January 19, 2000 ):
There are two categories of sites to consider:

Sites that these people visit in their day to day work
Sites that would interest your target people, but are not specific to their professional activities.

In the former situation, these highly specialized sites are not likely to have enough audience to be on the "radar" of the syndicated web measurement services, like MediaMetrix or Nielsen//Netratings.

The latter category of sites requires you to use some imagination rgarding your targets' interests.

Keyword-based advertising on search engines is one good way to target by user interests. But keep in mind that banners should stand on their own, because less than 1% of those who see them are likely to click through.

Ad Knowledge offers a way to find sites by audience type.

Monday, December 06, 1999 #3026
How do I find information about media habits of 18-24 year olds? What are the major media types they are in contact with, what are the specific media vehicles they prefer? Also I need information as to how much an ad in those media vehicles costs. Thanks.

The Media Guru Answers(Wednesday, December 08, 1999 ):
In the U.S., resources like Simmons and MRI report general media habits for this demographic, and specific magazine readership. Broadcast data is more broadly reported. Specific broadcast usage by 18-24 is available from Arbitron, Nielsen and SRI's radar.

Sunday, November 14, 1999 #2968
When launching a new product, brand managers usually compare the launch build (cases shipped, consumer off-take, distribution build)of the number one brand in the category. Were can I get comparative information on the launches of web sites (visits, hits by day and mth, etc.)?

The Media Guru Answers(Sunday, November 21, 1999 ):
Unfortunately, this level of detail is only captured by the syndicated sources like MediaMetrix and Nielsen//Netratings once a site is successful enough to appear on their "radar." Information about a site's early days will only be in the proprietary server log information, unless the site is so unique, like Amazon or CD Now to have been the subject of trade articles.

Ad Age, MediaWeek, and The Industry Standard might have such details.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999 #2459
I am working on my thesis progect and gathering the information about internet bookselling. I was wondering if there is any way I can get the actual media plans of those booksellers. Would you tell me where I can get those info.

The Media Guru Answers(Thursday, April 22, 1999 ):
Don't you imagine these would be considered trade secrets? One of the first things you will learn when you enter the real world is that information about advertising is treated as highly confidential.

Competitive spending tracking services, like CMR (Competitive Media Reports) can report media choices an advertiser has made, but that is far form seeing the whole picture of a media plan. Especially on the internet, many media investments will be below the "radar" of tracking services.

Also, particularly for the booksellers, transactional deals are prevalent and distort the picture. That is, sites have banners and links to booksellers and are compensated when a visitor sent by the link on the site makes a purchase from the bookseller.

There has been extensive trade media coverage of these deals for years.

Wednesday, September 09, 1998 #2037
I am looking for a method of calculating reach and frequency for national syndication radio vignettes. A. Does the amount of time of the vignette matter ie, 90seconds, 120seconds etc. B. Is there a method of adding multiple radio station figures together and averaging out these calculations accurately. C. Is there an inexpensive source for this information on a national level.

The Media Guru Answers(Wednesday, September 09, 1998 ):
A) Length doesn't matter in reach and frequency (unless you are dealing with a commercial long enough to experience audience turn-over during its air time).

B) In syndication, usually stations are exclusive with a given geography, so the audiences are additive nationally, or may be mean-averaged across markets.

C) Arbitron and radar provide such data. "Inexpensive" is a matter of opinion.

Wednesday, March 08, 1995 #1864
I am looking for background for a POV on Network Radio Posting. Can you recommend anyware on the Net that might be helpful?

The Media Guru Answers(Wednesday, March 08, 1995 ):
The key points in Network Radio posting are: 1) decide what book is post basis; latest at buy or closest to schedule dates

2) what book is buy/post basis; radar or Arbitron Nationwide.

However, since neither really allows exact quarter hour post whole issue may be moot.

As for places on the Web, the only place you might try are the sites of some of the radio stations that have gone up recently. A list is available in our Web Sites section.