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Monday, March 27, 2000 #3342
Hello, Has there been any studies done on theater Advertising in relation to how consumer feel about it?

The Media Guru Answers(Monday, March 27, 2000 ):
Yes. They should be available from the vendors, like National Cinema Network or CinemaAds or from The Advertising Research Foundation InfoCenter. For details about the InfoCenter, call 212-751-5656, extension 230.

Wednesday, February 03, 1999 #2307
dear Guru, i am a great fan of ur site and u have in the past cleared a number of my doubts. i am currently pursuing a thesis on in film advertising. where on the net can i find information related to the topic'in film advertising'or 'stealth advertising' or 'in theatre advertising'? i would be glad if u could direct me regarding this topic girish

The Media Guru Answers(Friday, February 05, 1999 ):
Screenvision is one of the best known in-theater advertising vendors.

One in-film product placement company the Guru has mentioned previously is Hollywood International Placements

Wednesday, March 04, 1998 #1520
we are planning to begin copy testing TV commercials in cinemas. The idea is to use existing cinemas situated in malls. The people in the mall will be asked to pop in for a few minutes. They will be shown few spots together, as if it were a real combination of commercials recently shown on TV. They will then be asked to reply to a few questions. Naturally, this method selects people who are willing to expose themselves to the test. Other methods currently at work are more 'coercive'. Interviewers actually go to people's homes and show them commercials. What method would you approve? How can we improve our took? Iris K.

The Media Guru Answers(Wednesday, March 04, 1998 ):
The Guru's thoughts:

  • A more appropriate scenario would be to invite people to a "movie screening." Then have your commercial among a few at the beginning of the screening and have some trailers for new movies as well. In this way, it's a more realistic replication of the real life viewing situation and does not bring excess attention to the commercials.
  • You say you're going to test "TV Commercials" in cinema. As long as there have been cinema commercials, the conventional wisdom has been that you must not use the same commercial as people would see on TV. A cinema commercial must be bigger, better, edgier, more daring or else the resentment naturally arising from finding commercials in the theater will work more srtrongly against you.

Friday, March 28, 1997 #1002
I'd like to find out information on in-theater movie advertising. Any research on its effectiveness etc.? What companies sell it and is it sold locally and nationally?

The Media Guru Answers(Sunday, March 30, 1997 ):
The Guru's first thought for a sales organixation would be

Screenvision Cinema Network
6601 Center Dr W Los Angeles, CA 90045

They should have the research and availability information you need.